Barakat Vaccine Production Unit

Project Info
  • Construction Date: 2021
  • Location: ایران، البرز - Iran, Alborz - إيران، البرز
  • Values: Two Months
  • Category: Archive
Project Details

Barakat Vaccine Production Unit

More Project Details

Client: Sabir International Company
Tonnage: 500
Structural System: Steel Frame with Buckling Buckles
Fittings: Bolts
Responsibility: Design and implementation of CFT structures

The design and implementation of the steel structure of this project has been completed within 38 days.
The building is of great importance and features of this project include uninterrupted service capability for structural performance.
In this structure, Cold Form (HSS) sections for columns and Hot Rolled (IPB) sections for beams have been used, which in addition to increasing the quality, has accelerated the execution time.
For optimization of the design, Concrete Filled Columns (CFT) were used and the columns were built, transported and installed as a part (17 to 20 meters).
Rocking buckling braces (BRBs) have been used to increase the safety of the building and provide optimal seismic performance.
Other features of this structure include special details in the design of BRB connections to CFT columns, which are designed and implemented in accordance with the latest international standards so as not to disrupt the performance of the braces during an earthquake.

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