Manyad Future Structure Development

(Limited Company)

Registered in Tehran Noncommercial Companies and Institutions Registration Office
with registration number 579226 and national ID 14010094383 on 2021/6/15

Trademark registered in the Intellectual Property Center
with registration number 414587 on 2021/12/4

Mission Statement

Manyad, with its experienced managers in the successful implementation of various projects, always tries to take steps towards the sustainable development of living spaces by applying new methods and technologies of the construction industry for improving the quality of construction projects.


Sustainable development of living spaces in the world to create a better and lasting-in-mind future


Comply with quantitative and qualitative standards in constructions while regarding professional ethics in sustainable development


  • Optimal quantity and quality of constructions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Specialist employment
  • Professional ethics
  • Social responsibility


  • Provide services in meeting the needs for living spaces at the national and international levels
  • Strengthen customer trust
  • Emphasize on creativity and innovation and commit to the implementing new ideas
  • Increase the organizational power by utilizing value management
  • Continuous assessment of the social, environmental and economic impacts of provided services

Chief Executive’s Message

We have established Manyad to join architects, engineers, designers and contractors active in the field of civil engineering and to build beautiful, durable and safe buildings.

Our capabilities, acquired from knowledge and experience in various projects over the past decade, have outlined our vision in the construction industry. We pay special attention to the topics of sustainable development, value engineering (process of achieving less cost and time) and quality assurance in construction projects by using new scientific methods, new technologies and up-to-date national and international standards in design and implementation.

We know that the key to our success is to provide construction services and develop buildings that are elegant, stylish and economical which deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness to users.

Manyad has come to last in mind…

Hamid Mohammady

Our Company Motto

Lasting in Mind

Our Organizational Chart

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