Applicants willing to work and having

  • High entrepreneurial spirits in company business development
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction skills
  • Teamwork spirits
  • Professional work ethics
  • Mental and physical abilities to work
  • Mastering Microsoft Office
  • Lack of pursuing education during employment in the present or future
  • Army end-of-service or permanent exemption card (if necessary)

can submit their applications with the form below.

Please send your questions to [email protected] and do not make any phone calls.





    Organizational Unit: (According to the organizational chart of the company)*


    Experience: (Only the past 10 years from the last to the first job with job title, organization, start and end dates and brief description of work done)*

    Education: (Degree or certificate from the last to the first degree with the title of degree, educational institution and start and end dates)*

    Membership: (Membership title, organization and start and end dates)*

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